Judge List 評審成員名單


Ms. Mila Seto Business Manager Addko International Ltd. (International video game machine company)
Dr. Anne Chung Dental Officer Department of Health, HK Govt
Mr. Simon Wong Community Relations Director Hong Kong and Macau Command Salvation Army
Ms. Yvonne Ma Director (Social media company) EightyTwenty Ltd.
Mr. Derek Ngai Chairman Mac user group HK
Mr. Wilson Wan President Elect Rotary Club of Peninsula Sunrise
Mr. Chun San Leung Operation Director Manymany



Mr. Hang Chit Wong Lecturer VTC
Ms. Janette Chiu Senior Sales Manager Citic Telecom CPC
Mr. Yick Hay Chan CEO BullB Technology Ltd.
Mr. Leslie Leung Business Manager – New media Commercial Press
Mr. William Chan Managing Director Big Dipper Studio Limited
Mr. Arnold Wu Co-Founder Maker Club
Mr. Jonathan Ng Manger HK Exam Authority
Mr. Bun Kwai Founder and Director Manymany


College & Undergraduates

Ms. Rose Chu Director SM Partners (SZ) Ltd
Mr. Aaron Hui Technology Manager Microsoft
Mr. Paul Fung Deputy President – Technology International Federation of Creativity and Technology
Mr. Almon Hui Senior Manager – Business Consulting Hutchison
Mr. Peter Choi Director Palapple
Mr. Edward Lau Assistant GM, HK Kingdee
Mr. Johnson Yim CEO E-business Solution Limited
Mr. Emil Chan Chairman IBM User Group (HK)



Mr. Emil Chan Chairman IBM User Group (HK)
Professor F.Y.L. Chin Associate Dean of Engineering HKU
Mr. Andrew Lee Commercial Director Hutchison
Mr. Ken Chau Managing Director iMusicTech Ltd.
Dr. Ray Cheung Assistant Professor City University, Department of Electrical Engineering
Dr. Samson Tam Director GSL
Mr. Jacky Cheung Founding President CHKCI
Mr. Jason Chiu CEO Cherrypicks
Mr. Peter Choi Director Palapple
Dr. Angus Ho Group GM Maxima Group Holdings Limited



Judging Criteria

  • Innovation and Creativity 40%
  • Functionality 30%
  • Market Potential/Performance 10%
  • Benefits and Impact 10%
  • Quality 10%


  • 創新和創意 40%
  • 功能 30%
  • 市場潛力/表現 10%
  • 裨益和影響 10%
  • 品質 10%


Assessment Process
During the course of evaluation, assessors may require access to relevant information in the entrant’s possession and access to the entrant’s premises.The entrant will be notified in advance if such access is required.
Any information supplied by the entrant for the purpose of the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2014 will be treated as confidential, and will not be released by the Organiser and related parties without the entrant’s permission.



Judging Panel
Each stream will have a panel not less than 5 judges,led by the Chairman of the panel, whom will make the final decision if there are any critical judgments.
There is also a Chief Judge of the whole category and he/she will be the final decision maker during the selection of the Grand Award. Team of judges will be prestigiously invited from the ICT industry and experts from academia to join the judging panel.

評審委員會成員包括知名資訊及通訊科技行業的公司主席 / 行政總裁、著名國際信息科技獎評審,以及學界專家。