About HKNetEA

About HKNetEA

Organization Overview

Hong Kong New Emerging Technology Education Association is a non-profit making educational organization, mainly aim at promoting the development of the local Information Technology through promoting and organizing information technology related activities and competitions. We hope to provide young people more opportunities to access and learn new technology products in order to broaden their horizons and improve their creativity.

“Vision, Innovation, Knowledgeable and Commitment” is our goal of Talent Development. Provide wide range of activities and services for young students, and give them the chances to have self-improvement and development, and train up the spirit of positive outlook and concern for society, to become new generation of Hong Kong which is knowledgeable, creative.

◾To raise the awareness and importance of the application of Creative Information Technology in education
◾To provide more opportunities for Hong Kong’s Teenagers to participate in the international or China region Creative Information Technology education related activities
◾To provide more opportunities for the teenagers to exchange knowledge and experience with different countries




1) 提高各界對資訊技創意應用於教育的認識及其重要性

2) 為香港的青年提供更多的機會參與國際性或大中華區的資訊科技創意教育的活動

3) 增加香港的青少年到外地交流知識和經驗的機會





Hong Kong New Emerging Technology Education Association aims at supporting the development of local IT through promoting and organizing related activities and competitions internationally and in mainland China, let young people explore and pursue every avenue for self-improvement and development, help them grow and become the new Hong Kong generation.

香港新興科技教育協會旨在支持本地資訊科技發展,透過在國際及中國內地推廣及舉辦相關活動及比賽,讓年輕人探索和追求自我提升和發展途徑,幫助他們成長並成為 香港新一代。