📣 FAQ 常見問題

SUBMISSION MATERIALS : Other than an article/report, is it necessary to submit other materials, such as PPT, video, design sketch, or development plan? 作品材料提交除了作參賽作品,是否需要提交其他材料,如PPT、短片、設計草圖或發展計劃?

It not compulsory but preferably submit a video clip or presentation slides (eg. PPT). You may include design sketch, or development plan in your article/report or PPT or video clip, if you think fit. 沒有強制的,但最好剪輯短片或演示幻燈片 (例如 PPT)。 如果您認為合適,可以在作品或 PPT 或剪輯短片中包含設計草圖或發展計劃。

MULTIPLE SUBMISSION : Can an entry be submitted to compete in different categories? 單項作品多次提交同一個參賽作品可以提交參加不同主題的比賽嗎?

In general, different categories have different focuses. If applicants have entry that may serve more than one category, they may consider to make multiple applications. In such case, focus on the content may be varied to fit the respective requirements despite design concepts and technology applications unchanged. 一般來說,不同的題目有不同的側重點。 如果申請人可能有適用於多個題目的作品,他們可能會考慮提出多個申請。 在這種情況下,儘管設計理念和技術應用沒有改變,但對內容的關注可能會有所不同以適應各題目的要求。

What is the maximum number of slides for PPT submission?  最多可以提交多少頁 PPT?

Maximum number of slides: 30 for Tertiary or above Stream; 22 for Secondary (Senior) Schools Stream; 18 for Secondary (Junior) Schools Stream and 12 for Primary Schools Stream 提交PPT頁數:大專或以上組 30頁;高中組 22頁;初中組18頁,小學組12頁