📣Hong Kong Fostering ICT Awards Scheme (FICTAS) 全港孕育資訊科技獎勵計劃 (孕科獎)

Project Objective
Hong Kong Fostering ICT Awards Scheme (FICTAS) aims to encourage secondary schools to implement the IT Innovation Laboratory Project, which will arrange free school talks and online tutorials/workshops for all schools and students to enhance secondary school students’ interest in IT and improve their computational thinking and innovation skills. In addition, this programme will be able to encourage secondary school students to choose technology-related education and careers by arranging sharing, mentoring and collaborative visits by professional experts.

Hong Kong Fostering ICT Awards Scheme (FICTAS) is able to enhance secondary schools’ interest in emerging ICT, such as experiencing technology topics like artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, big data and how to make use of government open data (including COVID-19 data, smart lamp post data, etc.). In addition, the programme will enable students to learn and enhance their computing skills through workshops, webinars, school talks, assessments and competitions.

FICTAS 1st Online Free Workshop Registration Form: