Project Objective
Hong Kong Fostering ICT Awards Scheme (FICTAS) aims to encourage secondary schools to implement the IT Innovation Laboratory Project, which will arrange free school talks and online tutorials/workshops for all schools and students to enhance secondary school students’ interest in IT and improve their computational thinking and innovation skills. In addition, this programme will be able to encourage secondary school students to choose technology-related education and careers by arranging sharing, mentoring and collaborative visits by professional experts.

Hong Kong Fostering ICT Awards Scheme (FICTAS) is able to enhance secondary schools’ interest in emerging ICT, such as experiencing technology topics like artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, big data and how to make use of government open data (including COVID-19 data, smart lamp post data, etc.). In addition, the programme will enable students to learn and enhance their computing skills through workshops, webinars, school talks, assessments and competitions.


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain
  • Cloud Computing
  • Big data
  • Making use of government open data (including COVID-19 data, smart lampposts data)

Target Beneficiaries
All secondary schools in Hong Kong in particular outreach to schools that did not participate in EITP-related activities previously

Estimated number of beneficiaries:
200 schools or above

Project Duration:
12 Months


全港孕育資訊科技獎勵計劃 (孕科獎)旨在鼓勵中學推行資訊科技創新實驗室計劃,該計畫會為所有學校和學生安排免費的學校講座和在線輔導/工作坊,來提高中學生對信息技術的興趣,提高他們的計算思維能力和創新能力。此外,這計畫還能夠鼓勵中職學生選擇與技術相關的教育和職業,將安排專業專家分享、指導、合作參觀。

全港孕育資訊科技獎勵計劃 (孕科獎)能夠提高中學對新興ICT的興趣,如感受人工智能、區塊鏈、雲計算、大數據等科技主題,以及如何利用政府開放數據(包括COVID-19數據、智能燈柱數據等)。此外,該計畫會通過舉辦工作坊、網上研討會、學校講座、評核及比賽,讓學生學習及提升他們的計算能力。


  • 人工智能
  • 區塊鏈
  • 雲端電腦
  • 大數據
  • 妥善使用政府數據 (包括COVID-19 資料, 智能燈柱資料)