Aim 目的

MY World is a United Nations global survey for citizens. Working with partners, MyWorld aims to capture people’s voices, priorities and this views, so world leaders can be informed as they begin the process of defining the next set of global goals to end poverty.

The United Nations and partners have teamed up to put in place an innovative global
survey, known as MY World, so people can participate in the post-2015 process telling
us the changes that would make the most difference to their lives.

From now until 2015, we want as many people in as many countries as possible to be involved with MY World: citizens of all ages, genders and backgrounds.

The support of a variety of groups and individuals is vital in reaching out directly into communities and drawing the digitally disconnected, illiterate and poorest communities into the global debate.


從現在到2015年,我們希望越來越多人能夠參與 “我的世界”,包括所有年齡,性別和背景的公民。