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“A New Era — Stability, Prosperity, Opportunity”

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the HKSAR in 2022, HKNETEA is organising the The Greater Bay Area STEM Excellence Award 2022 (HKSAR) 大灣區STEM卓越獎2022(香港) to join and celebrate with schools and school students while having fun participating our event competition!

The celebration of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region’s quarter-century reunification with the motherland will include over 100 activities, from cultural events to high profile forums. Come and learn more about the celebration events : https://www.hksar25.gov.hk/en/events.php


為慶祝2022年香港特別行政區成立25週年,香港新興科技教育協會 舉辦 大灣區STEM卓越獎2022 (香港),與學校和學生一起慶祝回歸的同時參加我們的活動比賽!

慶祝香港特別行政區25年回歸祖國將包括100多項活動,從文化活動到高端論壇。 快來了解更多慶祝活動:https://www.hksar25.gov.hk/sc/events.php



香港新興科技教育協會策動籌辦,並由多個香港業界組織及專業團體參與籌辦。教育局,創新及科技局及政府資訊科技総監辦公室全力支持,比賽目的是讓學生於STEM (科學、科技、工程及數學)方面發揮創意及提升創新能力,並表揚學生,老師和學校在發明上所付出的努力。2022年大灣區STEM卓越獎(香港區) 題目包括: 資訊科技、機器人、科學實驗組、人工智能及藝術科技組別

比賽分為幼稚園組、小學組、初中組、高中組及大專大學組。學生可選擇以個人或不可多於6人小組形式參賽。 同時,比賽更設有十大STEM教師卓越獎及十大STEM學校卓越獎。如有興趣參與比賽的同學,請瀏覽大會網頁(http://www.hknetea.org)參閱比賽詳情並下載申請表格。填妥的表格連同參賽作品請於二零二二年五月三十一日(星期二)或之前在以下報名




The Greater Bay Area STEM Excellence Award 2022 (HKSAR)

The purpose of this circular memorandum is to inform schools of the competition
The Greater Bay Area STEM Excellence Award 2022 (HKSAR) . All primary and secondary school students are encouraged to participate in the captioned competition.

The Greater Bay Area STEM Excellence Award 2022 (HKSAR) is organized by Hong Kong New Emerging Technology Education Association (HKNETEA) This year, The Greater Bay Area STEM Excellence Award 2022 (Hong Kong), supported by the Education Bureau (EDB),Innovation and Technology Bureau(ITB) and Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO)

This award aims to enhance students’ creativity and innovation, and recognise young STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) talents for their efforts. Categories of The Greater Bay Area STEM Excellence Award 2022 (HKSAR) include ICT (Information and Communication Technology), Robotics,Science Lab , AI(Artificial Intelligence) and ArtTech.

The competition will be divided into five streams, namely Kindergarten, Primary, Junior secondary, Senior secondary, Tertiary or above. Students may participate the competition either in individual or in group of no more than 6 persons. In addition, there are awards for Top 10 STEM Teachers and The Top 10 STEM Schools. More details can be found in the official website (http://www.hknetea.org). Deadline will be on 31 March 2022 (Thur), students who are interested in participating the competition can sign up via the following links:

The Greater Bay Area STEM Excellence Award 2022 (HKSAR): https://forms.gle/MJPT8qNMEws54c7GA

The Top 10 STEM Teachers: https://forms.gle/gXJGnDVbA1CDm4JE9

The Top 10 STEM Schools: https://forms.gle/xvMytgpW3TTR3xSy5