📣 Background背景 2023

The Hong Kong ICT Awards aims at recognising and promoting outstanding information and communications technology (ICT) inventions and applications, thereby encouraging innovation and excellence among Hong Kong’s ICT talent and enterprises in their constant pursuit of creative and better solutions to meet business and social needs.

The Hong Kong ICT Awards was established in 2006 with the collaborative efforts of the industry, academia and the Government. Steered by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, and organised by Hong Kong ICT industry associations and professional bodies, the Awards aims at building a locally espoused and internationally acclaimed brand of ICT awards.

There are eight categories under the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2023.  There will be one Grand Award in each category, and an “Award of the Year” will be selected from the eight Grand Awards by the Grand Judging Panel.

Prizes and Benefits for Winners

The remarkable achievements of the Awards winners (Gold/Silver/Bronze) will be recognised by customers, organisations, the ICT industry practitioners and across the community. Winners will be entitled —

  • to receive trophies (Gold/Silver/Bronze) of the Hong Kong ICT Awards;
  • to display the official logo of the Hong Kong ICT Awards in their promotional materials;
  • to participate in various promotional campaigns to publicise their achievements;
  • to be supported for entering into other international awards and competitions;
  • to 3 months free access to Lion Rock 72 (co‐working space in InnoCentre) or co-working space in Hong Kong Science Park Incubation Centre for SMEs[1];
  • to participate in investment matching activities of the Hong Kong Business Angel Network (HKBAN);
  • to 3 months free access to Flexi Space in Cyberport Smart-Space for SMEs[2];
  • to receive Green Channel Interview (Conditional ) offer of “HK Tech 300 Seed Fund: by City University of Hong Kong (CityU). The awardee will receive up. tp HKD100,000 in funding and other support from the programme ( ) for Student Innovation category, only Stream IV “Postgraduate or above” winners are eligible) after passing through the interview; and
  • to free participation in some large-scale local ICT events (e.g. International ICT Expo) for marketing exposure.

Further details and conditions are available at the website: www.hkictawards.hk 

Remark1 – HKSTP  offers 1 free seat access to Lion Rock 72 in InnoCentre or co-working space in Hong Kong Science Park Incubation Centre for 3 months (assigned by HKSTP, subject to availability) to SMEs who are HKICT Awards 2023 Gold, Silver or Bronze award winners.

Remark2 – Cyberport offers 1 free Flexi Space in Cyberport Smart-Space for 3 months to SMEs who are HKICT Awards 2023 Gold, Silver or Bronze award winners. The number of flexi-desk offered to ICT Winners is capped to 32. Given the quota, flexi-desk will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis and subject to the availability. Winner shall submit application to Cyberport for the offered flexi-desk on or before 31 Mar 2024 after the announcement of results. Any submission after the deadline will become ineligible.

Remark3.11.Either one of the startup’s founders is associated with CityU, such as a student / alumnus / research assistant; or 2. The team could identify at least one CityU’s intellectual property (IP) for evaluation if there is no associated founder.(https://www.cityu.edu.hk/hktech300/cityu-intellectual-property)






*免費使用創新中心內的初創協作基地「Lion Rock 72」或位於香港科學園培育中心的共享工作空間三個月(只限於中小企業) 4;
*免費使用數碼港共享工作空間Smart-Space內的靈活辦工桌三個月(只限於中小企業) 5;
*香港城市大學HK Tech 300 種子基金的面試機會 6。面試成功的隊伍可獲最高港幣十萬元的基金及其他支援 (https://www.cityu.edu.hk/hktech300/zh-hk/about-hk-tech-300/hk-tech-300-seed-fund) (學生獎項類別只有「研究生或以上」組別得獎者符合資格獲得資助);及 * 免費參與本地大型資訊及通訊科技活動(如「香港國際創科展」)以拓展商機。


註4:香港科技園公司為榮獲「2023香港資訊及通訊科技獎」 金/銀/銅獎的中小企業提供一個免費名額,使用創新中心內的初創協作基地「Lion Rock 72」或 位於香港科學園培育中心的共享工作空間三個月 (由香港科技園公司分配,視乎情況而定)。