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全港校際A.I 智能濾水器設計比賽簡介 (5G STEM AI Water Filter Design Competition)

「開水喉就有潔淨的清水」對於居住在香港的我們是必然不過的事,但是對於某些國 家卻並非如此。根據聯合國兒童基金會 (UNICEF) 報告顯示,由於氣候變化日益嚴重, 預料於2040 年將會有近 6 億位兒童居住在水資源極度有限的地區,屆時每四位兒童就 有一位沒有安全食水使用,而最貧窮及最偏遠的國家將受到重大的影響。


While people living in Hong Kong may take it for granted that clean water may easily be accessed at the turn of a tap, this is not the reality for some countries across the world. The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) report has warned that the effects of climate change will result in nearly 600 million children living in areas with scarce water resources by 2040. The countries that will be hardest hit are those that are already the most marginalized and lack access to clean water.

This competition provides a platform for students to channel their creativity, STEM knowledge, and technology to develop innovative AI water filter designs. By participating, they have the opportunity to inspire children in water-polluted countries and contribute to help them find solutions for water quality issues.