Facilitating Meetings with an Agile Mindset

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                                26 September 2020 10:30am Hong Kong

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                       Facilitating Meetings with an Agile Mindset


Colin Thompson, Seasoned Life & Agile Coach

When it comes to agile project management and business agility, employee morale and productivity means everything. To keep processes streamlined teams need to be on board and excited about operations.  In today’s organizational work culture, meetings are more prominent than ever before. Where everything and anything is a project, meetings are the backbone of organizational agility. Facilitating meetings with an agile mindset is central to driving the conversation flow and tap into the collective insight of teams.  In this workshop, femme fontaine sexy`s blog learn key tips on how facilitate meetings polerstuff and quickly adapt to changing circumstances. 

Date: 26 Sep 2020 (Saturday)
Speaker Session 
Time: 10:30am – 12:00pm Hong Kong
Format: Live Zoom Meeting
Language: English only

Target Audience: Business/IT executives & professionals, and anyone interested in practising agile in their workplace

Fee: Free

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