📣 FAQ 常見問題

SUBMISSION MATERIALS : Other than an article/report, is it necessary to submit other materials, such as PPT, video, design sketch, or development plan? 作品材料提交除了作參賽作品,是否需要提交其他材料,如PPT、視頻短片、設計草圖或發展計劃?

It not compulsory but preferably submit a video clip or presentation slides (eg. PPT). You may include design sketch, or development plan in your article/report or PPT or video clip, if you think fit. 沒有強制的,但最好剪輯短片或演示幻燈片 (例如 PPT)。 如果您認為合適,可以在作品或 PPT 或剪輯短片中包含設計草圖或發展計劃。

How long is a video clip allowed and what is the maximum number of slides for PPT submission?  一個視頻片段允許多長時間? 最多可以提交多少頁 演示幻燈片(PPT)?

Video clip: 2-minute video clip for Secondary Schools Stream and College and Undergraduate Stream; 5-minute video clip for Postgraduate or above Stream. 短片:中學組/ 大專及學士組 2分鐘短片; 研究生或以上組 5分鐘短片。

PPT: Maximum number of slides: 30 for College and Undergraduate Stream and Postgraduate or above Stream; 22 for Secondary Schools Stream; and 12 for Primary Schools Stream 提交演示幻燈片(PPT)頁數:大專及學士組/研究生或以上組 30頁;中學組 22頁;小學組12頁

How will the judging be carried out, online or face-to-face? 評審將如何進行,在線還是面對面?

Physical presentation is required for Semi-Final & Final judging. 半決賽和最終評審需要現場演示作品。

Do students wear uniform for the judging (presentation)? 學生穿制服參加評審 (演示)嗎?

Not compulsory. It is up to the school (Primary & Secondary schools) to decide. 不是強制性的。 由學校(小學和中學)決定。

Is there any time restrictions on presentation? 演示有時間限制嗎?

There is a time limit set for each stream’s presentation. 每個組別的演示都有時間限制。

Is an applicant allowed to submit more than one entry in the same stream? Can an applicant join more than one team for the competition in the same stream?是否允許申請人在同一組別中提交多個參賽作品? 一個申請者可以在同一個組別中加入多支隊伍參加比賽嗎?

An applicant can submit DIFFERENT applications or join more than one team for the competition in the same stream, provided that the mentioned ICT products/services in his/her applications are different. 申請人可以提交不同的申請,也可以在同一組中加入多個團隊參加比賽,前提是他/她的申請中提到的 ICT 產品/服務不同。

My team consists of members from different grades. Which stream should we join for the competition? 我們的團隊成員來自不同年級。在比賽中,我們應該加入哪個組別?

Basically, all team members must be from the same stream. 基本上,所有團隊成員必須來自同一個組別。

Can I submit application for my kids without going through their school? 我可以為我的孩子提交申請而不通過他們的學校嗎?

Certainly yes. Parents are also welcome to submit entries for their children. 當然可以。 也歡迎家長為孩子提交參賽作品。

Can students bring set-ups with them? Can they put school names, students’ names on presentation slides? 學生可以攜帶設置嗎? 他們可以穿制服參加演示嗎? 他們可以將學校名稱、學生姓名放在演示幻燈片上嗎?

We will have set up for their presentation (e.g. in ppt or video). They don’t need to bring any set up and can put school names and students names on presentation slides. 我們將為他們的演示做準備(例如 ppt 或 視頻短片)。 他們不需要帶任何設置,就可以將學校名稱和學生姓名放在演示幻燈片上。

My team consists of members from different schools. How can we join for the competition? 我的團隊由來自不同學校的成員組成。 我們怎樣才能參加比賽?

Yes, your members can join the competition by filling in the google form and providing school information under the appropriate question(s). Please make sure each member must be a full team student at a local registered educational institution. 可以的,您的團隊成員可以通過填寫谷歌表格並在適當的問題下提供學校信息來參加比賽。請確保每位成員必須是本地認可的全日制學生。

Will my score in semi-final be counted and accumulated in the final round? 我在半決賽的成績會被計入決賽嗎

The score you get from semifinal will not be counted in the final round. 半決賽的分數將不計入決賽。

Is there any restriction on the format of my project work for submission? 我提交的參賽作品的格式有什麼限制嗎?

It is strongly suggested that all submitted work be in a commonly used format and can be accessed by us, including judges. Please provide authorization to info@hknetea.org for access when submitting your work. 強烈建議所有提交的參賽作品都採用常用格式,並可供我們(包括評委)使用。 請在提交作品時向 info@hknetea.org 提供使用權限。