Hong Kong ICT Awards 2018: Student Innovation Award 學生創新獎



Applicants can join a free or discounted STEM education course in Dec. They will get advice from the tutors to work out a better entry. Therefore, we suggest the students to apply before Dec 2017 and then submit the entry before the deadline.

One of the following submission methods is acceptable:
1.網上報名 Online Application

小學組 Primary Stream:https://goo.gl/tKxHP5

初中組(中一至中三) Secondary (Junior) Stream (F. 1 to F. 3):https://goo.gl/1Qmg6T

高中組(中四至中六) Secondary (Senior) Stream (F. 4 to F. 6):https://goo.gl/BWJ874

大專或以上 Tertiary or Above:https://goo.gl/xQRbqq

2.電郵報名(適用於一次過遞交十份或以上的作品) Email Application (recommended for submitting ten entries or above)

Please download Excel application form from the URL below and submit to info@hknetea.org after filling in. Thank you.

小學組 Primary Stream:https://goo.gl/m4PJg7

初中組(中一至中三) Secondary (Junior) Stream (F. 1 to F. 3):https://goo.gl/Y6Wxb8
高中組(中四至中六) Secondary (Senior) Stream (F. 4 to F. 6):https://goo.gl/VgJ4fh
For Tertiary or Above Stream, please use “Online Application”: https://goo.gl/xQRbqq