Judging 評審

Judge List 評審成員名單

Chief Judge:

Prof. Francis Yuk Lun CHIN

Assessors of Primary Stream

Assessors of Secondary Stream

Assessors of Tertiary and Post-graduate Stream

Final Judges

Judging Panel
Each stream will have a panel not less than 5 judges,led by the Chairman of the panel, whom will make the final decision if there are any critical judgments.
There is also a Chief Judge of the whole category and he/she will be the final decision maker during the selection of the Grand Award. Team of judges will be prestigiously invited from the ICT industry and experts from academia to join the judging panel.

評審委員會成員包括知名資訊及通訊科技行業的公司主席 / 行政總裁、著名國際信息科技獎評審,以及學界專家。