Judging Criteria 評審準則

Judging Criteria

1.Innovation and Creativity in ICT (30%)

◾First of its kind in Hong Kong, the region, or the world

◾Effective deployment and integration of available resources or technologies

◾Appropriate cost/benefit ratio in terms of the R & D expenditure

◾Possibility of a breakthrough in an upgraded version or any plan to develop an upgrade

2.Functionality (30%)

◾Understanding and addressing user requirements in the target industry

◾Improved business or operational productivity

◾Improved competitive edge in terms of efficiency and effectiveness

◾Simple and versatile in enhancing operational efficiency and in providing a path for work re-engineering

3.Market Potential/ Performance (15%)

◾Actual or projected sales figures, market share and penetration

◾Potential of exporting to other clients either in Hong Kong or other regions

4.Benefits and Impact (15%)

◾Raising public awareness and encouraging more utilisation of ICT in the community

◾Reducing barrier to less educated group for enjoying the benefit of technology

◾Satisfying customer needs that were previously not possible or had been unmet

◾Transforming the industry

5.Quality (10%)

◾Achievement of local, regional or international awards

◾Development under quality assurance process (such as CMM or ISO)

◾Provision of stability, reliability and scalability to end-users


資訊及通訊科技創新和創意 30%

功能 30%

市場潛力/表現 15%

裨益和影響 15%

品質 10%

評審準則細項: 請參閱英文版本。