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隨著網絡和多媒體信息技術的發展,視頻、圖像、動漫、遊戲等新媒體日益走進人們的生活,成為人們日常生活和學習中必不可少的媒介,特別是青少年對新媒體有著濃厚的興趣。為貫徹落實《全民科學素質行動規劃綱要(2021-2035年)》,提高未成年人科學素質,推動新媒體科普活動的廣泛開展,中國科協從2010年開始舉辦全國青少年科學影像節活動,是 針對廣大青少年所進行的融知識性、科學性、趣味性為一體的探究性科普活動,是鼓勵廣大青少年探索科學世界、體驗媒介技術、展現實務成果的重要形式。

全國青少年科學影像節是一項集知識、科學、趣味於一體的探索性科學參與活動。 它鼓勵青少年探索科學世界、體驗媒體技術、展示實務成果。 活動旨在鼓勵青少年學習和運用網路和多媒體技術,體驗和掌握科學研究的方法和過程,推廣科普影片創作,弘揚青少年科學精神,塑造健康價值觀,增強青少年的科學素養。青少年的科學能力。

全國青少年科學影像節全面呈現青少年學習多媒體技術、創作影片的科學影片。 它展示了這個過程中的攝影、剪輯和製作技巧。 展現了他們對科學的執著、勇於創新、克服困難、堅持不懈的能力和團隊合作的精神。

報名資格和方法 Requirement & Application : https://hknetea.org/svf2024-application-requirement/

With the development of Internet and multimedia, new media such as videos and animations have gradually entered people’s lives and become an indispensable medium for learning and living. Young people, in particular, have a strong crave for new media. In order to implement the “Outline of the National Action Plan for Scientific Literacy (2021*2035)”, improve the scientific quality of minors, and promote the widespread development of new media popularization activities, starting from 2010, the China and Youth Science Centre (CYSC) of China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), together with China Association of Children’s Science Instructors, began to host China Adolescents Science Video Festival annually.

The China Adolescents Science Video Festival is an engaging science activity that promotes exploration, knowledge, and fun among adolescents. It encourages young individuals to delve into the world of science, explore media technologies, and showcase their practical achievements. The festival aims to inspire young people to learn and utilize internet and multimedia technologies, gain experience in scientific research methods and processes, foster the creation of science videos, develop a scientific spirit, instill healthy values in young minds, and strengthen their scientific capabilities.

The China Adolescents Science Video Festival showcases scientific videos created by young individuals who have learned about multimedia technology and video production. It demonstrates their skills in photography, editing, and production, showcasing their dedication to science, innovative thinking, ability to overcome challenges and persevere, and their teamwork spirit.